What I miss in city!!!

Sitting in my aunt’s balcony in Hosur, enjoying rain and sipping tea reminds me of what I miss being in a city. Bangalore, the IT hub, which was once also called  “The garden city” feels so lifeless. “Lifeless”, that is what I feel looking at all the buildings around me in Bangalore. There are trees here and there but i wonder what their fate may be. They are standing there now but after few years there may be something else built instead of them.

Hosur too is changing. I remember it being “jungle like” when i was a kid. Later there were new buildings coming up. A fly over was constructed two years back aprox. I have come here after four years and cant recognize its the same old place. But it still has few ponds (which may dry in few years, few may mean one or two year), a hill that can be seen from many houses there( the houses dont have more than two floors) giving a beautiful view. The house where i am now has so many trees around making the surrounding atmosphere pleasant.

A pic I took from uncle's home

A pic I took from uncle’s home

I have never planted a tree till now to be frank. I also am very bad at observing things but this is something that comes into view so strongly that you cant just ignore it. Hosur is a part of TamilNad. There is a huge fight for water between Karnataka and Tamilnadu and  so also cant assume that Hosur is plenty of water. But it definitely has a pleasanter weather. I have been to other villages too. They all feel better than the pollution here.

This was the view near by my grandma's place on every roadside. Now I see nothing other than buildings.

Pic from roadside in Hosur. This was the view near by my grandma’s place on every roadside. Now as I said it is changing and trees are being replaced by other constructions.

The thing that scares me the most is when my grandparents say “Here was a pond before.” A pond?? Seriously!! Where is it now?? Vanished just like that!!? I searched about the “vanished” water bodies. To my horror there are so many places where the water bodies have been replaced with something else.
Dharambuddhi tank was where majestic bus stand is now. The Bangalore city bus stand where there is always a huge crowd, each of one must have been there atleast once, without even knowing it was a place that provided water to many previously. It will always bother me whenever i think of it. A lifeless place again!! The Dharambuddhi tank was difficult to find even on google! No one knows what happened to it and its as if no one should know it.
The Koramangala tank is replaced by a sports complex. Challaghatta tank replaced by KGA golf course and Sampangi tank is a sports stadium now. The list goes on and so do the stories of water shortage.

I am not completely against the urbanization.  I am confused myself when i wish that there must be a metro in the city and also that there must be a stop on cutting of trees. I see tree felling in teachers college area a lot. I called up the south zone forest department to inquire about it. He said that the trees are being replanted. It is an act that trees if cut must be replanted. Well, that is a relief. But the water crisis is still a horror.
The environment we study about in school from the beginning should not , i hope not, become ‘extinct’ like the dinosaurs. I hate to imagine that the only thing that remains is buildings n roads n flyovers, the lifeless things. And even worse no water to drink.

The forest office numbers for Bangalore are
9480683842/08026578423 for south zone
9845174447/08022485317 for north zone
you can complain or inquire things here.

Just hoping that Hosur too doesn’t turn lifeless like Bangalore. I too will join few tree planting events and any campaign that speaks of environment. Will know things better and next time I post about environment I will have proper info..


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