Protest against ejipura site demolition (held in feb)

Hello! everyone. I am sure that all of you must have watched the Oscar winning movie “slumdog millionaire”, and enjoyed it too. Movies make everything look so beautiful, but does it really happen and exist everywhere? Close your eyes for a while and just imagine. Imagine that waking up one day in the “metal sheet” house not in your home and spending the whole day without electricity and clean water. Above all getting bad unhealthy food to eat and filthy smell all around. What would you do then? Curse yourself or your own fate or the almighty ? As I love eating a lot, moving all around, staying in a peaceful atmosphere with good supply of water and electricity so I can’t even dream of spending a day in such horrible situations.Not only me but no one can actually think of facing all those troubles everyday. Therefore, my dear friends,citizens and senior citizens we all must open our eyes to get out of this horrible nightmare.Everyone does not have the same fate like us ,slums and shanties are reality for many people, they are also humans, they are also one of the same like us.


                             A slum is a rundown area of a city consisting of poor, lower class people, who often cannot afford the basic necessities of life, such as sanitation, healthy food and clean water.  A shanty town is a slum settlement (sometimes illegal or unauthorized) of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes. There are millions of slum dwellers in India. People choose to live in the shelters they make themselves. There are various reasons for this unwanted happening like the most common reason being is that it is too expensive for slum dwellers to afford housing, basically due to poverty and illiteracy. Also people who want to avoid paying rent and taxes, reside in slum as well. This kind of living that can be a horrible nightmare for us but is actually a day to day life for many people and they try to remain happy in their small dirty world by satisfying themselves with the thought that it is better to have some shelter than to live on roads where there is no place to live.


                              Since January 2013, more than 5000 urban poor people have been mercilessly displaced from their homes in EWS Quarters, Ejipura. Houses were demolished, toilets were destroyed, water supply was stopped and power lines cut off. 1512 families were out on the streets in the cold – they were unable to go to work, children were unable to study for their upcoming exams,moreover families could not afford advance deposits for a home anywhere.

There was a protest  to be held basically asking Why is land earmarked for purpose of housing, Economically Weak Sections (EWS) being used for the purpose of private profit and commercial exploitation? It was to demand the rebuilding of houses for all erstwhile residents immediately on the same land, prosecute those responsible for brutal evictions and collapse of the EWS quarters, order an independent judicial enquiry into the illegal diversion of public lands.

Unfortunately the protest was cancelled as police stopped us and arrested a few. But there was a meeting held. Many people had come to attend this meeting. That was the day I met other Aam Admi Party members. There was a huge crowd where each one started introducing themselves. They also gave information about why they joined the party. I can’t forget a woman saying that she will never leave the party, she is ready to give her life for it. The reason was that the party members had supported her when she was in a big trouble. Her son was in hospital and someone in her family had died. But still she had come for the protest and meeting.


        Prashant ji joined, but my bad luck was that I had to leave early. The worst thing happened that the demolition was carried out and the protest had no effect. If the demolition was necessary then it could have been ensured that the people living there were given a place to stay. It was really sad to read about the woes of people. Not only that they didn’t get a place to stay but also many fake “brokers” fooled them by taking the advance and not giving the promised place. This time the purpose of protest was not fulfilled  But I hope we join together next time and not let anything such happen.


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