Protest against the child rape

Many people joined at town hall for protest against the rape of five year old. Within four months after the nirbhaya rape case, another brutal rape reported. this time even more violent, even more disturbing, rape of a five year old. The people joined there were disturbed by that and so they had joined. We all started with making charts expressing our rage about the incident.

‘We want justice, hang the rapists’

‘Arrest the rapists not the protestors.’

‘The girl’s life is more important than the election campaigns’

‘Stop violence against women and children!!’ etc.


       We started with the slogans at around 6.30. The highlight was the kids who were standing in the front row shouting slogans with us. A girl kid was holding a banner saying ‘save me and my friends.’ The youngest girl was shouting with full energy. But all this dint stop  me from wondering about their innocence. Do the kids have any idea what the protest is about? They are just innocent little kids like the one who was tortured for three days. The youngest kid had a poster which showed a girl whose mouth is covered with someone’s hand and ‘stop violence’ written on it. She was saying the other girls showing the poster that the girl will bite that hand. How innocent!!

We later lighted candles. While lighting the candle the hot wax fell on my hand which made shout ouch and pull back my hand. It made me imagine the pain of that innocent little kid had to go through when the candle itself was inserted into her. Thinking about this makes me cry even now as I sit and type this. She spent three long days suffering there. No matter how many protest n such events take place, nothing can do justice to the trauma she must have gone through.

The nirbhaya case had stirred each one of us. It was said that the laws have been strengthened. but nothing is changed. The rapes continue and with every passing day they take even more cruel face. Even yesterday there is again a rape reported of a four year old girl in Madhya Pradesh. There was a huge debate on issues about giving death sentence to the rapists and about the juvenile age. But do debates really help? I too can sit comfortably at home and say anything i want to. Various people have various ideas. But the people who have the power should take some serious action to do this. They exactly know exactly how these kind of cases can be dealt with.


      I met a girl Shilpi who pointed out that very few girls had turned up. (She had her exams next day but had come to join the protest. Her question felt very right.) ‘When boys have come out to support the cause of women where are the girls?’ she asked. If we the common people don’t come to fight for our justice who else will? Wasn’t there a pressure on the authorities when huge number of protests that followed the nirbhaya case? We need to join together fight for our cause. And this is not just when there has been some injustice, or in this case a brutal rape, but till the justice is served, till the laws are enforced. It should be made sure that we people put enough pressure till we are served justice.

Abdul Kalam dreamt of a progressed India where a woman can walk in streets after midnight without any fear. Wishing that his dream comes true and we see a safer India. Jai Hind!!


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