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I would like to begin with how I came to know about AAP. I am not a “newspaper” person, so its just impossible that I would have known about Aam admi party. I love reading novels. Chetan Bhagat novels inspire me a lot as they always have something about making India better. I just know one thing, I wish to see a better India. I am a Chetan Bhagat fan and I love his blogs that speak so well. There was a post which said about the demerits in existing system. In the end it spoke of youngsters getting into politics. I remember thinking why not people make a different and better party? Rang de basanti (movie), Revolution 2020 (novel by Chetan Bhagat) and several other movies, documentaries and books have been dedicated just to speak against corruption. But still it is horrible to see the existing parties have mutual understanding when it comes to corruption. If someone is blamed from one party, he/she points to someone in the other party and says “so and so from that party also is corrupt. But we haven’t said anything about it.” When will this self serving system end? Why don’t youngsters think about it? Many people wish to do a lot for the country. Why can’t such people be joined together to have better politics? I went to sleep with all these thoughts haunting my mind.

The very next day, I heard about a party, Aam Admi party, that was working independently of the existing parties and was participating in every issue which concerns of common man, the Aam Admi. I felt very happy that a night before I was wishing something and it was actually true. I started searching about it. I checked its website and followed it on twitter. That was the time I dint know anything about it. Whatever info I got then was from point of view of the party people. I dint know about what exactly the every individual working for it felt. Did it really fulfill all its promises? I wanted to know more about it but dint know how. So thought let me wait and watch.

I work in volunteer for cause, where I met a boy called Nalin. We were busy teaching kids and dint get a chance to interact much. But later I came to know that he was with Aam Admi party. I felt like Wow!! Just after wondering about having a new, better party, everything around me was taking me towards Aam Admi Party. I started questioning him a lot about it. He mailed me about it and suggested to join it. After thinking a lot I decided the better way to know about it was to join it and see what all is being done.

I got info about a protest against Ejipura site demolition. Again, I had no idea about it. I checked about it. I had never been to a protest or a meeting. When I asked Nalin about it, he just told me a thing that I will always remember. “There are many people like me who have never seen a protest but joining there to change the world.” I wished to go but had office. I decided that I will attend meeting at least as I won’t be able to attend protest.

After finishing the work, I called up Nalin to confirm about the place, but he dint pick it. I called another friend and even he dint pick the call. Now I was really thinking what has to be done. I got a message from them that they were in police station, they had been put into jail. And that too when they were not into the protest, no sooner did they reach the site of protest, they were arrested without any reason. I went directly to the meeting that was being conducted in new horizon college.


The meeting had many people. They were introducing themselves. There was a common thing in their introductions that they all wished to do something for India. All my life, I had friends who just wished to complete their education and settle down in some foreign country. Not that I was opposed to such a thing, but I used to wonder whether I was the only person who loved India and wished to stay here no matter what. Seeing these people in the meeting felt so good. They dint want to run away from the problems here, but wished to stay and solve them. There is one more thing that you cant help but notice, AAP has loads of youngsters. These young people whose aim is to do something for the country; who don’t wish to just sit aside and pass comments.

I made few friends there, they are a part of AAP and I would like to share few things about them.

There is Nalin, I mentioned him earlier, who always smiles no matter what. I remember feeling tensed when I heard they had been in jail but I get messages from this guy “Atlast we have become complete krantikaris..went to jail too for India. 🙂 :)” He always gives a biiiiiiiiiiig smile 🙂 and that will surely convey the message that any problem can be solved with a smile .

Vikash  is really dedicated and takes out time for AAP or rather I would say very rarely  takes out time for himself . He manages the AAP’s works and responsibilities  for the BTM area brilliantly. His dedication , strong will to change the system, ability to do so much of hard work does marvels.

Vijay and Renu,  is dedicated volunteer couple of our group who shares the AAP BTM’s responsibilities  with Vikash . The way Vijay moderates  BTM’s  meetings is amazing . Besides this they have been instrumental in lots of other tasks like helping EWS people etc .  They are really an inspiration for everybody  .

Chinmay says that he India is his first love. The way he wishes and believes in betterment of India, will make you also to wish to live and die for the sake of country.

Saumya is the energy packet of the group. You just can’t help noticing her. She has that energy radiating from her, ever ready for the country.

Suren leads the RTI team. He has given seminars and spreads knowledge about the RTI act. He has helped me too for the info I needed.

There is Sakshi who keeps track of all the activities and meetings. Dedication seems like something ‘inbuilt’ for these people.

Last but far from least I would like to mention a little about Amit , the master Director of Nukkad natak , always at peace 🙂 , yeah that’s his takiakalam(pet word)  , he is an amazing personality , genius mind and undoubtedly a great actor working hard to get the drama (Nukkad) more and more effective , got to learn from him how to put his soul into something  you would love to do .

This is just the few people I know, few youngsters actually. But there are loads of such people there, their determination , energy , faith in the Party , strong will to bring the change  is what made me love the party and have faith that yes the time is here and surely we going to work together for the betterment of our system and nation .

Now that I had actually started liking the people, I had to know and work about the various activities that were taking place. The Ejipura protest and meeting, which I had been a part of, was to support the urban poor who had been displaced from their homes in EWS Quarters. There are many other activities. One of it is supporting smartvote organization  where they spread awareness about importance of voting and also help in registration for voter  id’s .Work is going on for daily laborer’s wage scheme, where information about the daily wage labourers is collected and it is given to the government authorities so that they get the benefits they deserve .My favorite is the nukkad natak that takes place almost every weekend which showcases the rampant corruption  practices prevailing in the current system and spread awareness among the people about the new political  alternative to these practices , AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP) . Hoping for the best  out of this second struggle for freedom not from British but from Corruption ..


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  1. sir i want to joi aap party and i want to serve the indian people and our first motive will be to save the girls in the society but crime has been increasing day by day but we have to stop crime to make strong law and implement them

  2. u can join by registering n get a contact to join aap through ur state contact. N abt crimes against women, its not only about implmenting stricter laws bt also about changing d mindset. u need to begin wid changing urself n ppl around u. if any of ur frend teases a girl, stares, passes comments, or whistles u need to stop him. its not cool bt cheap. BTW im not sir, im mam 🙂

  3. mohammad irshad alam

    Sir mujhe ye party rarniti sasan ke tarike bhut ache laga mai bhi chahta hu aise party ko join karu

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