Hyderabad bomb blasts

               “Ishwar Allah tere jahan me nafrat kyon hai jang hai kyon….

Tera dil to itna bada hai, insaan ka dil tang hai kyon……”

                The bomb blasts are back again, killing people, injuring many.  The terror is back.  I have a friend from Assam. When we speak about blasts, he says its common there, he doesn’t feel it is something new.  But is it that easy to just not feel anything about it? And not to worry at all about the lives lost? Every day when we leave our home we are not sure whether we will return back safely or not. Anything can happen. If nothing does, there is at least a bomb blast waiting to happen. A student died in the blast when he went to purchase books. Would he have been saved if he dint? Can we blame it all on fate, pray nothing such happens to us and our close ones and forget it all in coming days?


NDTV new report says “The police are attempting to make sketches of possible suspects, work hampered by the fact that both the CCTV cameras near the blast sites were not working. There are reports that the wires of these cameras had been found severed a few days ago but had not been fixed.”

“NDTV has accessed details of a terror alert sent by the Centre two days before blasts. That had warned of possible attacks in Hyderabad among other cities. The alert also mentioned Bangalore, Hubli and Coimbatore as possible targets. The alert also talked about possible revival of Indian Mujahideen and  Lashkar modules.”

               This remind me of the various movies where you see different people, the police men, the officers at various levels trying several things to save the country from any harm. The reports really make me wonder whether it only happens in movies and never in real life. The people who died may have been saved if only there had been an action taken to the alerts. Now there are investigating agencies working to find out the about monsters who did this. But I don’t understand what do they do the other times? Do they have to work only when there is a tragic event like this? When they know who the suspects are then don’t they have enough authority and power to track them down, instead of waiting for something such to happen? If there had been alerts and the CCTV cameras were tampered with, should not they have suspected something fishy and not wait till the bomb blasts to just “investigate”?


           There is one more thing I don’t understand- the hatred! Why is it that there is so much hatred that people don’t even think twice before killing so many people? I am a muslim. But I don’t hate non-muslims. We are all humans and that’s enough for me to respect and love my fellow beings. But it is not the case everywhere. I was travelling in bus the other day, when there were some women who wanted a seat. There were girls in burkha who dint get up at all to give them the seat. It is the just an individual issue. But the women started with “muslim girls are like this. Blah blah…”  Where does that come from? When I got a seat( I too was in burkha) I offered it to those women. They had nothing to say then.

One more incident was when my friend and I (both wearing burkha) were waiting for a bus. It was late in the evening, we had finished our tuitions. A woman (in burkha) came to us and asked us why we are out so late at night. We said her we had tuitions that just had gotten over. She started lecturing us “girls should not go out so late at night. If you have to then just take care of yourselves.” And here is what made me think so hard about humanity. “ .. you are muslims so I am saying. If it was hindu or other girls I would not have cared. It is ok if anything happens to them but muslims should not be hurt.” I mean what the hell!! Why doesn’t it matter if some other girl is hurt? Just because she is not a muslim does it mean it is alright if she is raped or if she dies?

This hatred has killed many. There had been an incident few years back when someone had thrown pig in masjid and cow in temple or something like that.  And that lead to riots between hindus and muslims. Is it not stupid not to understand that someone is doing this on purpose. It is obvious that someone wants these fights. But when coming to such things people seem to have no common sense. They just blame it on each other.

It is really horrible to read the news and get to know what various people think and how much they hate. There had been some incident where some boys had molested a girl for not joining in some campaign. And there is some leader saying that the other religion people faked the girl’s wound to pull their party down!! Who could think of a thing like that? Which girl would agree to do such a thing? That too in a country like India where they say “betiyan ghar ki izzat hai”( girls are the honor of a house.)

From our childhood we listen to a story about the sticks. When they are separate they can be easily broken but when put together it is impossible to break them. But it just became a silly tale. There is always so much praise for Japan as it has found its way through all the difficulties. If there needs to be a change, then everyone should work together. Every other day there are fights on name of religion or state or something else. Till we all dont join together and work, how do we expect India to grow??


                  Hatred is seen even in kids. My cousin brother, when was in first standard, declared that he won’t make non-muslim friends. Cant understand from where kids get all such ideas. His dad scolded him and said he should not differentiate in that manner. Now, after ten years, the boy does not say anything such and has made many non-muslim friends. He invites them to home and never indulges in these hindu-muslim fights.

Most of the people don’t want the fights or the deadly riots or the bomb blasts. But just praying for safety wont do anything. It should be understood that if people don’t want any such terror around them, it should start with their own homes. Hope everyone would teach this and don’t let the hatred bud at all. If I cant take care of whole nation I should at least take care of my people in my family and make sure that there is no harm that will be caused by my family to the country. One less terrorist equals one less blast which in turn will save thousands of life.


Fathima and Chinmay


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  1. Good write up. I have a couple of points to make here.

    1) All of us have a tendency to blame police and administration for any blasts or any other such incidents. I know there is some intelligence failures. I know not all the men in uniform work selflessly. But i also know that police force is highly under-staffed, lack modern surveillance and tactical instruments, lack technical skills and support and even lack modern combat weapons. You give your policemen SLR’s to fight against AK-47’s and expect them to die selflessly protecting us! This is demanding too much from them.

    If you think that it is easy to track down suspects and arrest them, you are wrong. India is a very big country. Every nook and corner can never be covered by CCTVs. And even if police arrests someone on suspicion, all the religious, fundamentalist and fanatical groups come together to oppose them. This has been happening for a long time in North East and Kashmir. When civilian lives are lost in bomb blasts, we feel pain. But everyday our men in uniform sacrifice their lives for keeping us safe. We don’t even care about them. 72 CRPF personnel were shot by Maoists not very long back, and it didn’t capture our attention. They shoot one person and everyone makes it their duty to condemn them. In Kashmir, in every protest, the mob intentionally put kids in front and start throwing stones on army and police. They force them to shoot and when our men retaliate and shoot, an innocent kid dies. Same kind of things are happening all over India.

    I am not saying that police is not at all at fault. I know it is their fault as well. But to expect better from them, you need to give them better support, better equipment, more power. The only solution i see is strengthening of our forces both for internal and external security. People should be made more sensitive towards police.

    Also, blasts are our fault as well. No blast or terror attack can happen without local support. So we have to become more vigilant. We have to start informing authorities about any suspicious people/activities. We have to come out of “Who Cares” attitude and start caring about our neighbors. If you say that police was waiting for blast to happen, i say even we are waiting for such incidents to happen to us or our family/friends. Until then, “Who Cares?”

    Coming to your point of heroes in movies. You want to know some real life heroes? On 2-Sep-2010, a retired Gurkha soldier was travelling in train when about 40 robbers attacked it. The robbers started looting people in the train. When they came near his compartment, and started to rob jewellery from a family and rape an 18 year old girl, who were in no way related to him, he charged them with a Khukuri knife. He killed 3 robbers, injured 8 and caused such a panic in them that they were forced to run away. In the process, he received serious injury to his arm. When the family trie giving him some money, he refused saying this was his duty!

    He was already retired and didn’t even had a weapon with him. He could have been a silent spectator like hundreds of other fellow passengers. But he decided to act. And he didn’t want anything in return! True selfless service! This is just one of the stories of real courage, grit and service of the armed personnel. But i bet, you haven’t heard it before. Please try to understand how difficult their job is. Try to understand the sacrifices they make daily in order to protect us. And think twice before blatantly finger pointing on them. Its not that heroes are not there in real world. Just that we are so busy watching on-screen heroes that we don’t even notice the real ones!

    2) You told about your brother that how he said he’ll not make any non-Muslim friends. And wondered what went wrong with him. Well, what went wrong with him is the religion itself. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not particular about your religion. I mean any religion in general. All the religions have a tendency to sow this seed of hatred in young minds. All the religions teach us to tag others are infidels, wrong, etc. Its not that a Muslim boy don’t want to make Hindu friends, Hindu boys don’t even make friends in their own religion just because their cast is superior! Unless we stop teaching kids religion, unless we stop identifying ourselves as Hindus and Muslims, this hatred would never go.

    In my opinion, religion should never be taught at first place. Children should be given basic moral values and once they reach maturity, they should be allowed to choose any religion or remain atheist. Communal violence doesn’t happen in China because China doesn’t have any religion. Nearly all the wars in world have happened due to religions. Its better we scrap the concept of religion itself. Praying to Gods or doing Sajda would not give you Heaven (if it really exists). Helping others in need would do. I remembered these lines of a Bollywood song:
    “Ghar se masjid hai bahut door chalo yun kar lein,
    Kisi rote hue bacche ko hansaya jaye.”
    (The Mosque is very far from our home, lets make a crying kid smile!)

    3) “It should be understood that if people don’t want any such terror around them, it should start with their own homes. Hope everyone would teach this and don’t let the hatred bud at all.” These are the best lines from your blog. If everyone gets this simple message, we would see far less incidents of hatred and the world would be a better place to live in.

    • thank u for sharing ur views.. i completely agree with u… N i m sry not to hav thought in tat way..we all think in one way n its nice tat u r giving me a complete different point of view.. 🙂 just hoping tat ppl understand tat it is evryone’s duty to kill this hatred..

      ” Its better we scrap the concept of religion itself. ” i agree with this too.. tats wat i too meant but i guess my words were not clear enuff!! 🙂 thanks

  2. All people reading this blog must read Arpit’s comments.. bcoz tats wat is reality.. i stay at home and dont know much abt real world..i m just some other girl who sits at home, watches tv, gossips and blames things on others lik most ppl do!! But Arpit knows facts!! n tis blog is incomplete without his comments, which give a real scenario!! thank u again arpit..

  3. Hello,

    Came across this blog after going through an post on the Indian HomeMaker Blog. It is absolutely refreshing to read what you have written. But I wanted to make the effort on this particular post. I am a Hindu and have recently had an argument with another Hindu about how multiple religions can live in peace in India.

    It was depressing to read some of the views shared by my peer and to see how well the views were accepted. Its very encouraging to read your views about the animosity between the two religions. Thank you for this post, it restored my faith in humanity!

    Also, thank you Arpit for sharing that with us. Adds a nice perspective to the dialogue.

    Looking forward to reading more of your work!!

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